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Why Spending Money On Family Holidays Is Important

Why Spending Money On Family Holidays Is Important


Looking back on my fondest childhood memories, I always think of time spent holidaying with my family. My father worked hard, so it was important for him to spend quality time with his family when he had time off work. And for my brother and I, the memories of waking up and playing Mario Kart at 6am in the morning, trying not to wake our parents up, were some of the best times of my life. Making impregnable forts from our beds and playing invisible dungeons and dragons could only really be done on a family holiday, when everyone is happy spending time with each other. In fact, I don’t remember fighting that much with my brother when on holidays, mainly at home… but that’s not here nor there. What this article aims to achieve is to explain why spending money on family holidays is important for us all.


Spending quality time


The first and probably most obvious point here is that spending quality time with family is extremely important for everyone. Both parents and children get caught up in the stress of everyday life and it’s difficult to find the time to just sit down and have a normal conversation with each other. While families may spend time together traveling to work, school, sports and other activities, it’s hardly quality time as our thoughts are caught up in what we’ll be doing next. Taking a family holiday allows everyone to relax and rejuvenate through having fun and creating long-lasting memories. The whole family will return stronger and healthier as a result.


New experiences


Whether you’re a parent or a child, new experiences are always exciting and memorable. Family holidays are the perfect time for new experiences, whether you’re traveling overseas or going to a theme park for the first time, having fun with the family has a range of benefits. New experiences for children leads to personal development which, as we all know, is very important. In fact, Dr Margot Sunderland argues that family holidays advance brain development in children and help them build concentration skills. While you may not have the financial capacity to take luxurious holidays, simply getting out of the house and going camping is a fantastic way to rejuvenate the mind and spend some quality time together experiencing new things.


Recharge the batteries


Both parents and children need allocated time each year to simply recharge the batteries. A lot of energy gets expended on the daily routine, so it’s essential to take some time off and rejuvenate physically and psychologically. Spending time on a family holiday allows the whole family to recharge the batteries together, which makes the process more wholesome and enjoyable. Taking a family holiday to relax and have fun is essential so that when you return, you’ll be stronger and refreshed, allowing you to perform better at work, and at home.


Great investment


Family holidays are a great investment, and if you’ve got the choice between buying your kids presents for Christmas or going on a holiday, the holiday will be far more rewarding. Oliver James, Britain’s best-selling psychological author, explains that his research “repeatedly indicates that both adults and children regard experiences like travel as far more fulfilling than material gifts. The only difference is that children value different aspects of traveling, so it’s important that when traveling to another country, the interests of children are not simply disregarded.” Traveling to an overseas destination will open your children’s eyes to different lifestyles where they’ll not only have the opportunity to learn and experience new cultures, but will also have some awesome stories to tell their friends upon your return.


There are clearly a range of benefits to be gained from taking family holidays. From spending quality time together, experiencing new things, and recharging the batteries, family holidays are a great investment for everyone. Whether you’re traveling overseas or just going camping for a few days, spending quality time together as a family will enhance your children’s personal development which is invaluable in the long-run. If you decide to stay in a hotel on your family holiday, choose a hotel that utilises Lifestylepanel, the ultimate guest engagement system providing a combination of great entertainment and information services that will make your holiday even more enjoyable. For more information on hotels that use Lifestylepanel, visit http://lifestylepanel.com