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Video On Demand in Hotels – Customer Service Benefits You May Not Be Aware Of

Hotel technology has undergone a massive transformation in recent years as consumer behaviour and trends continue to shift. Today, consumers are fuelled by convenience and are extremely technology focussed, and suppliers of goods and services need to keep up with these trends if they wish to remain competitive in their industry.   The ‘On-Demand’ economy is booming, and consumers are loving it.  Being able to purchase anything with the tap of a button is a pleasure only some of us dreamed of 20 years ago. But today, this is the norm and hotels need to provide the services that guests want or they’ll simply go to a competitor.

Guests Want More

Guests are no longer ‘surprised’ and ‘thrilled’ with their in-room technology, they simply expect to enjoy the same technology as they do at home. So, how do hotels provide technology that will increase customer service benefits and in-room revenue? The answer is through comprehensive Video on Demand services.   Video on Demand are systems that allows users to download or stream video content such as movies and TV shows directly to their TV. Users have the ability to select their language of choice, and can pause, rewind, and fast forward at any time during the session. This service is particularly beneficial in the hospitality industry as users can watch content at any time they choose, rather than having to wait for a specific broadcast time. This concept has evolved from IPTV technology, which uses the internet to deliver video content rather than traditional cables or satellites.

Benefits of Video on Demand

Video on Demand services present many customer service benefits to guests in the hotel industry. Guests will enjoy a huge variety of video content made available to them, and in most cases, have the ability to view Blockbuster movies weeks before other consumer services make them available. Guests view Video on Demand systems as enhanced entertainment services, and are happy to pay for the associated costs. After a long day of exploring, guests want to be able to relax and unwind in their hotel in the evening, and Video on Demand services provide the full treatment with thousands of videos available to them in high resolution.

A Home Away From Home

Furthermore, Video on Demand services makes guests feel at home. Streaming services like Netflix and Amazon are extremely popular for the tech-savvy 25 – 45 year old’s, which are hotels biggest target market, and making these services available greatly increase guest satisfaction rates. Using IPTV to deliver Video on Demand also allows for the delivery of gaming, music, and internet services to guests which is extremely important. Due to the high competition within this industry, IPTV systems are available at incredibly affordable prices, which wasn’t available five years ago. Coupled with the ability for hotels to prevent the screening of unwanted or pirated content, their return on investment is significantly increased.   These days, consumers are becoming accustomed to easily purchase on-demand content at any time they choose. The rise of internet speeds and bandwidth only magnifies this trend, and as a result, the On-Demand economy is thriving more than ever before. It’s imperative that hotels provide their guests with a vehicle to indulge in the services they are familiar with at home, and Video on Demand systems does exactly that. Not only do they provide a multitude of customer service benefits, they also increase hotel’s in-room revenue, offering a win-win scenario for both supplier and consumer.

It therefore comes as no surprise that IPTV systems are becoming extremely popular in the hotel industry. While there is high competition within the IPTV market, the most prevalent system currently available in Australia is Lifestylepanel, which seamlessly integrates Video on Demand, Internet Browsing, Wi-Fi, Guest Messaging, and Hotel Information and Services, directly from the hotel TV set. For more information on Lifestylepanel’s ultimate guest engagement system, visit http://lifestylepanel.com/