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Travel Industry ‘Disruptor’ Launches With Global Deal

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The travel industry is set for a major shake up as global tech company Lifestylepanel partners with international hospitality management group Metro Global to overhaul guest engagement services in resorts and hotels.

Lifestylepanel (LSP) – which is fast emerging as an ‘Uber-style’ disruptor of the lucrative worldwide in-house guest sales and services sector, has developed a cutting-edge television-based platform which will effectively replace concierge and old-school entertainment compendiums.

The platform gives guests the ability to access a full suite of services such as information on hotel services and specials, nearby entertainment and events, wireless internet and video on demand – including access to personal movie streaming accounts like Netflix.

LSP is already in use throughout Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia and the United States, and a new partnership with Metro Global is expected to help the company achieve its target of 54,000 rooms over the next two years.

Metro Global and its strategic partners hold the hospitality management rights to 6,000 rooms in seven countries, including Europe and the Middle East, which are untapped markets for LSP.

LSP CEO and Managing Director Ben Westaway says the resort industry is long overdue for a digital revolution in the guest services and engagement space, and the partnership with Metro Global will accelerate uptake in new markets.

“The majority of hotels and resorts are still relying on the old-school information compendium sitting on the coffee table or an ‘incomplete’ television and broadband service package to engage with and entertain their guests,” he said.

“Our partnership with Metro Global provides us with the opportunity to leverage respected relationships with hoteliers in untapped markets like Europe, the Middle East and China, where savvy travellers now expect fully integrated digital services and wireless communication technology.

“Lifestylepanel has already expanded quickly throughout Australia and South East Asia in partnership with major hotel brands like Wyndham, Accor, Best Western, Holiday Inn and Ramada,  which are looking for a more complete, cost effective and tangible way to interact with their guests.

“We think it’s feasible to chart our trajectory for substantial increase in business over the next two years. The Metro Global deal is a mutually beneficial partnership and the time is right for us to emerge as a solution for multi-national hotel and resort chains looking to improve their in-room offering.”

Mr Westaway says LSP provides a win-win service for both hoteliers and guests.

“Hotels can have our platform installed without any additional cabling required and within just a few hours, for as little as $1.25 (USD) per room per day and revenue and savings in excess of $2.18 (USD) per room per day. Our fee structure results in significantly better margins because we don’t require any outlay up-front and we don’t operate on a profit-share system like most of our competitors,” he said.

“Guests have a much better holiday experience because they have access to all the information about what’s on at their hotel and in the surrounding area at the push of a button, along with a full catalogue of digital entertainment – including access to their own Netflix or similar TV streaming service.

“It’s surprising really that it has taken the industry so long to offer a ‘digital concierge’ solution for customers who are becoming increasingly independent in making decisions about their holiday.

“Lifestylepanel is the missing link between hoteliers and their guests, because it allows management to send recommendations, specials and other service prompts direct to the television and empowers customers to make more informed choices and potentially get better value during their stay.”

Jerry Xu, Director and COO, Metro Global says “We are elated to be partnering Lifestylepanel. The  brand is  delivering an invaluable solution, in the right space, at the right time.”