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Top 6 Things That Every Hotel Room Should Have

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The hotel industry is changing quite rapidly with innovative and cutting-edge technology being utilised in an attempt to create the ‘ultimate guest experience’. Today we can find themed hotels, hotels that offer an immersive experience with 3D graphics, to those plain old luxurious hotels on an island paradise. Regardless of the cost or comfort, there are some basic necessities that every hotel should provide their guests to ensure they can remain competitive in the industry. Let’s face it, there are plenty of hotels to choose from and with the information superhighway offering an abundance of information and personal reviews, hotels should be focusing on getting the basics right before offering any sort of premium service. So, if you’re a hotelier reading this article, you’re in luck because I’ll be shedding some light into the top 6 things that every hotel room should have.




It should go without saying, but cleanliness is an extremely important factor, whether you’re staying in a one star or five star hotel. There’s nothing worse than checking into a hotel room and finding bed bugs or cockroaches roaming freely. It doesn’t cost much, nor does it take long to do, but the first things that guests notice when they open their hotel room door is how clean the room is and also the smell. So, take note hoteliers, this is one area which simply cannot be ignored.


Plenty of Electricity Sockets


Nowadays, guests are checking into hotels with at least two or three devices, and what does every device need? Electricity sockets. Every hotel room should have plenty of electricity sockets, and not just those for the lamps and other appliances in the room. There should be at least two free electricity sockets near the bed where guests can charge their phone and laptop at a minimum.


Free Wi-Fi


The days of charging for $20 per day for Wi-Fi are long gone, so make sure you check that your hotel provides free Wi-Fi before confirming a reservation. It should be commonplace these days that hotels provide their guests with strong and free Wi-Fi. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to prepare the following day’s work using Wi-Fi that takes 10 minutes to load a page. Almost everyone uses Wi-Fi wherever they go, so hotels should make it a priority that they can provide their guests with this basic feature.


Free Water


I can understand that hotels make high margins on their mini-bar, but charging $5 for a bottle of water is just outrageous. After a long flight and arriving at your hotel in the early hours of the morning, there should be at least two bottles of complimentary water for guests to be able to quench their hard-earned thirst. The price of two bottles of water is nothing compared to the average prices guests pay each night for their accommodation. Additionally, providing complimentary water will certainly pay dividends in regards to guest satisfaction.


Adequate Food


I recently stayed in a hotel that was relatively isolated and there weren’t any restaurants in walking distance. Luckily, the food that we ordered from room service was amazing and we didn’t have to spend unnecessary money on taxis to restaurants because the food wasn’t up to scratch. Providing tasty food at a good price greatly benefits the hotel by significantly increasing guest satisfaction and engagement with the hotel’s services.




While some guests like to entertain themselves with their smart devices, personally I like to turn on the TV and watch a movie to unwind after a long day of work or exploring. The in-room TV should also be a decent size so guests can be entertained in a relaxed and comfortable manner (or in other words, without having to squint!) The quality of the entertainment software also plays a key role in the guest experience. There are some great engagement systems available which provide entertainment services like TV and Movies on Demand, along with information services such as recommended tourist attractions and restaurants, and hotel information and services. I recently stayed in a hotel that utilised Lifestylepanel, a guest engagement system which I thought was outstanding. For more information on this service, visit http://lifestylepanel.com/


A hotel is essentially a home away from home, so it’s important that hotels recognise the basic needs of guests and provide an adequate service that meets these needs. If your hotel doesn’t provide at least the same services and amenities as guests have at home, then you may need to revisit your priorities. Hotels are meant to be an enjoyable experience, but this can’t come at the cost of basic needs.