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Luxury Hotel Etiquette and How To Be The Perfect Guest

August 16th, 2017

While I’m not the wealthiest person in the world, I have had the opportunity to stay at several luxury hotels in the past few years and I must say, the experience is marvellous. Walking into the reception of a luxury hotel summons a wave of calm and tranquility that sweeps away the stress of everyday life. In an instance, you’re transformed into a new world of first-class service, fine dining, elegant landscapes, and incredibly comfortable pillows!   Obviously the experience is far different than staying in a budget hotel, so it’s important to appreciate this experience and respect the appropriate etiquette so that other guests can enjoy their experience equally. Some…

Top 6 Things That Every Hotel Room Should Have

August 10th, 2017

The hotel industry is changing quite rapidly with innovative and cutting-edge technology being utilised in an attempt to create the ‘ultimate guest experience’. Today we can find themed hotels, hotels that offer an immersive experience with 3D graphics, to those plain old luxurious hotels on an island paradise. Regardless of the cost or comfort, there are some basic necessities that every hotel should provide their guests to ensure they can remain competitive in the industry. Let’s face it, there are plenty of hotels to choose from and with the information superhighway offering an abundance of information and personal reviews, hotels should be focusing on getting the basics right before offering any…


August 3rd, 2017

Lifestylepanel, a Brisbane based company providing hotel guest entertainment and services, is lining up its star-studded team in preparation for global expansion, with digital entertainment and movie streaming baron Regan Baynes the latest to join the fast-growing company. Mr Baynes was formerly a Sales Manager at Movielink, which was one of the largest hospitality entertainment providers in Australia and New Zealand, where he oversaw the company’s transition from analogue to digital TV and internet streaming. Mr Baynes also worked with internet technology provider Intertouch, which at the time was acquired by DoCoMo, the largest mobile multimedia operator in Japan. He is now taking up the role of Lifestylepanel’s Sales Manager for Australia and New Zealand. Mr Baynes says he believes Lifestylepanel is a global…

Top 5 Trends In Hotel Technology

July 27th, 2017

In recent years, technology has become crucial in attracting guests to hotels, so hoteliers must keep up with the latest trends in order to stay competitive in the industry. Consumers are becoming more technology focused and are expecting to enjoy the same technology in hotels as they do at home. For hoteliers, integrating technology brings about huge benefits and not only can they significantly increase guest satisfaction, but they can markedly reduce their operating costs as well.   This doesn’t just mean in-room technology, but a range of technology solutions that increase guest engagement across the board. Guests have moved beyond the point of being delighted and surprised with technology solutions,…

Future Trends in In-Room Entertainment

July 5th, 2017

The hotel guest experience is currently undergoing a significant change as a result of shifting consumer demands and expectations. The ‘guest experience’ encompasses every aspect of the hotel, so this article will examine the future trends of in-room entertainment for the sake of brevity. In-room entertainment isn’t just about pay-per-view television anymore, but rather the technology that the hotel has to offer guests to increase convenience and satisfaction.   Guests are now checking in with two, even three mobile devices, and this means that hotels need to embrace disruptive technology to meet these demands. Guests want to enjoy at least the same technology in hotels as they do at home, so…