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Lifestylepanel, a Brisbane based company providing hotel guest entertainment and services, is lining up its star-studded team in preparation for global expansion, with digital entertainment and movie streaming baron Regan Baynes the latest to join the fast-growing company.

Mr Baynes was formerly a Sales Manager at Movielink, which was one of the largest hospitality entertainment providers in Australia and New Zealand, where he oversaw the company’s transition from analogue to digital TV and internet streaming.

Mr Baynes also worked with internet technology provider Intertouch, which at the time was acquired by DoCoMo, the largest mobile multimedia operator in Japan. He is now taking up the role of Lifestylepanel’s Sales Manager for Australia and New Zealand.

Mr Baynes says he believes Lifestylepanel is a global leader for hotel TV service providers focused on improving guest entertainment and engagement.

Lifestylepanel provides a full suite of in-room guest entertainment direct from the hotel room TV, including information on hotel services and specials, nearby entertainment and events, wireless internet and video on demand – including access to personal movie streaming accounts like Netflix.

“Lifestylepanel’s offering is a completely new take on in room guest engagement platforms and an upgrade on existing hotel entertainment systems. It’s a hotel TV solution for managers who want to learn more about their guests and use this information to provide an improved and tailored service,” he said.

“In addition to customisable entertainment options, this platform has social media functionality, which allows hoteliers to customise offers, specials and upgrades for guests based on the information they provide via their social media accounts.

“Guests also benefit from feeling more ‘at home’ as the platform enables them to access their own Netflix or similar streaming services, along with email and other digital media accounts from their hotel room.

“The platform caters for all types of holidaymakers – from corporate travellers through to families looking to keep children occupied on a rainy day, and it gives hoteliers a real insight into what their guests are looking for in terms of entertainment and services.”

Lifestylepanel is already available throughout Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia and the United States, and is expanding following a new partnership with international hospitality management group Metro Global.

Metro Global holds the hospitality management rights to 6,000 rooms in seven countries, including Europe and the Middle East, which are untapped markets for LSP.

Hotels can have the platform installed on their existing networks without any additional cabling required and it only takes 15 minutes per room.

For more information, please visit www.lifestylepanel.com