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How To Get Personalised Service With Hospitality TV Solutions


The hospitality industry is all about personalised service, especially within hotels. Customer satisfaction relies heavily on the degree of personalised service they receive, so hotels are required to meet this demand in order to thrive and succeed in today’s consumer centric world. Yet there is a slight disconnection with the notion of ‘personalised service’ and the amount of face-to-face interaction guests receive whilst staying at a hotel. In the past, the more face-to-face interactions a guest had with the employees of a hotel, the higher they perceived their personalised service to be. However, with technology being prevalent nowadays, hoteliers are now understanding that personalised service can be delivered without the need for face-to-face interactions. Using technology, hotels can now provide better personalised service than they ever have before. How, I hear you ask? The simple answer is through guest engagement systems delivered via the hotel’s in-room TV system. If you haven’t experienced a guest engagement system before, fasten your seatbelts folks. This article will explore how hospitality TV solutions are providing a greater amount of personalised service than ever before.


Consumer Expectations


Not too long ago, the idea of booking a taxi by pushing a button was unheard of, but now it’s the norm. While there’s no ‘personal’ interactions used in this service, there is a large amount of personalised service and convenience in being able to book a taxi by pushing a button. The younger generation are growing up with massive amounts of technology at their fingertips, and their expectations are only going to grow as time goes by. That’s why it’s critical that hotels understand that providing personalised service doesn’t imply a greater amount of face-to-face interactions, it means using technology to meet consumer expectations of what a personalised service is. Using in-room technology as a vehicle, such as guest engagement systems, hotels can provide a great amount of personalised service and lower their labour costs at the same time.


Guest Engagement Systems

Guest engagement systems allows customers to use in-room technology to perform the same tasks that hotel employees would have done in the past. Simple things like ordering room service, finding information on local attractions, recommended restaurants and things to do, along with providing all the hotel information and facilities can be done through in-room TV solutions rather than an employee spending an hour explaining this information face-to-face. Consumers are now expecting technology to play a pivotal role in providing a high degree of personalised service, so hotels need to recognise this and follow suit. Integrating guest engagement systems into hotels do exactly that. They allow guests to interact with their in-room technology to find all the information and entertainment services their heart desires to provide the ultimate hotel experience.

Moreover, they also enable guests to integrate their mobile devices and laptops with the in-room TV systems so they can watch their favourite movies and TV shows, or play their favourite games on their big hotel room TV, rather than on their devices. Hotels are finding that providing technology through TV solutions is one of the best ways to increase personalised service at their establishments, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

While face-to-face interactions still play a role in providing personalised service for hotels, consumers are now expecting more from technology to provide this same service. We live in a world where we can just about do anything from our smart phone, so it’s critical that hotels recognise this trend and provide a service that matches their customers’ expectations.

In the short-term, the best way for hotels to do this is by integrating guest engagement systems into their in-room technology. Allowing guests to utilise the many features they offer, such as Wi-fi, internet browsing, movies on demand, guest messaging, local attractions and recommended restaurants along with providing all the hotel information and services, hotels are able to provide a higher level of personalised service with lower operating costs.


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