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Future Trends in In-Room Entertainment


The hotel guest experience is currently undergoing a significant change as a result of shifting consumer demands and expectations. The ‘guest experience’ encompasses every aspect of the hotel, so this article will examine the future trends of in-room entertainment for the sake of brevity. In-room entertainment isn’t just about pay-per-view television anymore, but rather the technology that the hotel has to offer guests to increase convenience and satisfaction.


Guests are now checking in with two, even three mobile devices, and this means that hotels need to embrace disruptive technology to meet these demands. Guests want to enjoy at least the same technology in hotels as they do at home, so there are several factors that need to be considered when merging in-room technology with entertainment to provide the experience that guests looking for.




The biggest factor that alters the guest experience in regards to entertainment is Wi-Fi accessibility. Without access to free, strong Wi-Fi, the guest experience is significantly affected so hotels need to look at long-term solutions to this problem. Most hotels struggle with providing sufficient bandwidth to all their guests due to numerous factors, such as the number of devices being used, the size of the property, and costs.


Hybrid fibre/copper cabling is one way in which hotels can improve their infrastructure over the long-term without the need for expensive upgrades every five years. Fibre networks essentially resolve the data dilemma, as bandwidth doesn’t degrade over distance and thus becomes unlimited. By doing this, hotels will be able to provide sufficient bandwidth to meet the demands of all guests in their hotels, an essential ingredient in the future of in-room entertainment.


Smart Device Integration


With the increasing use of smart devices as a means of entertainment, hotels need to be looking at ways to integrate smart devices and the in-room TV to create the ultimate viewing experience. Today, consumers want to control their entertainment pleasures from the palm of their hand. They want to watch or listen to whatever they want, whenever they want, and hotels need to be able to meet this expectation if they wish to remain competitive.


In-Room TV Entertainment


While in-room TV entertainment isn’t the sole factor influencing a hotel’s entertainment experience, it certainly is influential. Along with mobile device integration, guests are wanting more channels, high picture quality, and premium content. Hotels need to recognise this demand and provide a variety of premium content displayed on high quality Smart TVs. Choosing a brand of TV becomes difficult because this technology will become obsolete and need to be replaced in a few years. Unfortunately this can’t be avoided, and neither can it be ignored.


Guest engagement systems using IPTV technology allows hotels to merge entertainment with technology. Along with offering a wide range of TV channels and premium content through Movies on Demand, guest engagement systems also integrate technology such as Internet Browsing, Wi-Fi, Guest Messaging and Hotel Information and Services, all displayed from the hotel’s in-room TV. The most prevalent guest engagement system currently used in Australia is Lifestylepanel. For more information on Lifestylepanel’s products and services, visit http://lifestylepanel.com/




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