For Hotels & Resorts


Guest IPTV

Enhance the in-room experience with a customised User Interface providing seamless navigation and access to local content.


Enable guests to bring their own devices and content to seamlessly connect and play on the in-room TV. LSP’s casting includes a fully managed network, monitored bandwidth, and device, Wi-Fi connectivity, data and analytic reports.



Increase revenue across internal Food & Beverage outlets.

Get the taste buds moving with hi-res images and facilitate simple on-screen Food & Beverage ordering via the TV from the comfort of the guest room with LSPEATS.

Guest Wi-Fi

Connectivity is a critical component in today’s modern world whether for business, keeping in touch with family or entertainment.

LSP’s Guest Wi-Fi includes a secure managed network, managed bandwidth, pricing and devices & remote monitoring.


Digital Signage

Promote in-house services and specials throughout bars and restaurants, conference space or public areas.


Staff Alert is an important component in modern facility management, enabling businesses to better track assets and personnel, improve workflow, and deliver better safety and security while cutting costs and bolstering the bottom line.


EoC equipment

Ethernet over coaxial (EoC) is a network technology that uses your existing coaxial TV wiring in your facility to create an extremely fast and reliable network backbone for IPTV and guest Wi-Fi.

The EoC extender allows you to run the connection over existing coaxial cable, with little to no modification required, making it a perfect solution for a broad range of applications, including overcoming infrastructure obstacles and distances (e.g. older stone/concrete architecture) where new wiring or wireless connectivity may not be impossible.