It has never been more important to understand the movement of personnel and assets around your facility for contact tracing, security and resource efficiencies. LSPTRAK is a precision real-time monitoring system that can track and analyse the movement of individuals or objects within 30cm – 50cm of their actual locations within buildings.

LSPTRAK creates a low-cost Bluetooth (BLE) network with full mapping and analytic reporting.

Benefits of LSPTRAK include:
✅ Efficiently contact trace infection exposure, limiting the quarantining to the affected individuals and area within a structure;
✅ Provide a compliance audit trail that hygiene procedures have been systematically followed;
✅ Monitor and implement traffic flow solutions to manage transmission risk.
✅ Safety – precise location and movement of individuals who trigger a duress alarm;
✅ Security – geofencing means that the system can alert managers when a perimeter is breached;
✅ Duty of care and service compliance of multiple operators;
✅ Rebuild market confidence
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