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Improved Patient Satisfaction

By allowing caregivers to engage patients in a more productive and meaningful way at the bedside, LSPcare solutions ensures patients are informed and satisfied with their care. Hospitals can collect real-time, measurable feedback about satisfaction - allowing them to take immediate action to address concerns and build upon success.


We employ a team of highly skilled and trained trades, but more importantly, a team who shares our passion for driving end user and client-focused outcomes.  Our professional and systematic process for deployments accurately delivers a solution that reflects the vision and expectations of stakeholders.


We remove risk by maintaining the strictest adherence to safety and compliance standards.  Working at the forefront of industry technology, we leave our clients with a safe and compliant installation. At LSP it’s not just words, we really are specialists in our field.


LSP offers a range of comprehensive managed services, including a whole lifecycle asset management program, providing our partners total peace of mind. If you want the technology, need the technology, but don’t want to manage the technology, let us take care of this for you.

Network Management

Our network management offers a convenient single point of contact, flexible, and cost-effective maintenance service for your accredited switches, routers, and wireless access points.


LSP is a place of mutual trust and respect that embraces diversity and values everyone on their merits.  By creating an open and welcoming culture, we ensure people’s voices are heard, and their rights are honoured.


Few Reasons

Why Choose Us

Our Vision

Our Directors and our staff strive for excellence in everything they do; with every project or task assigned. Our mission is to ensure that our technical expertise remains at the forefront of the industries by having superior product knowledge and developing appropriate training for our staff. We always place our customers first, and aim to satisfy every customer’s unique needs, ensuring that they can use their technology solution to its full potential.

Consult & Design

At LSP we use our knowledge and expertise to assess the system design, aesthetics and overall infrastructure to provide value-focused and effective solutions. Our design is not just about how a solution looks, but just as importantly, how it works and the outcome it achieves. We do this to make sure the system works to the client’s needs and expectations and is appropriate for the environment.

Client Outcomes

LSP delivers exceptional experiences at every point in our client relationship, from project inception through to design, delivery, ongoing service and support. We deliver high quality projects on time and on budget and are always aiming to exceed our client’s expectations.


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Always on the lookout for hi-tech advancements. Deliver an outcome that will exceed the expectation of the customer.